Corporate Videos

Stand Out From the Crowd

Your products and services stand out. Your message should too.  Imagine if the world could see heart of your company, the power of your service, and the innovation of your products.

Lampstand can tell your story in an unforgettable way. Don’t think of a video produced by Lampstand as “just another corporate video.” Lampstand will tell the compelling and powerful story of your products. And we will do so with our Emmy-award winning team of filmmakers that will turn heads and attract customers to who you truly are.

Regardless of the Size of Project

Whether it is a 2 minute piece that lives on your website, a series of stories that explains your product lines, or a tool that your sales staff can use to quickly and consistently explain your product to customers or a 30 second commercial…your company’s message will come alive on film and in a way that will resonate with your potential customers.

We guarantee that that the finished piece will be something that you are not only pleased with but that you will be anxious share with customers.

Take a look at our portfolio and our process to take the first steps in making your company stand out in the crowd.