Non-Profit / Ministries

Shining Your Light Unto the World

Stories change lives. Chances are the reason you are involved with your cause is because of one story or a series of stories that dramatically altered your world. The faces of those people who are hurting or in need of help are forever etched on your heart. You often think, “if only the rest of the world could understand the story of these people like I do, they would do something.”

Your organization is on a mission to dramatically change the world. Whether your impact is across the globe or across the street, you are transforming lives.  The challenge for most non-profits is that those stories of transformed lives rarely get told to the people who need to hear that message.

That’s where Lampstand comes in. Our award-winning team shares your passion for changing the world and making it a better place. We come alongside non-profits to tell their story in a unique and powerful way to help our clients reach their fundraising and awareness goals so they can continue their transformational work.

We Understand Non-Profits and Ministries

At Lampstand, we don’t want to just tell your story; we want to be a part of your story. We truly believe that our clients are impacting their corner of the world and if their story is passionately and effecively told, the world will respond.

 Our clients come to us because of the effectiveness of our work but they stay with us because of our heart to be a part of their work. Our team has been working with non-profits for over 10 years. We understand the challenge of raising support. We understand the passion involved. We understand how to capture moving stories that will move the rest of the world to action.

Check out some of our Case Studies and our Portfolio and learn how we have come alongside non-profits and ministries like yours.

Contact us. We’re eager to hear your story and play a part in your story.